I teach enameling and metalsmithing out of my Milford, PA studio and at various craft schools in the New England area. My studio is open year round. Contact me for more information.
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If you like jewelry, are attracted to vibrant souls and enjoy learning, do yourself solid and seek out Dawn Lombard. She is superb teacher with 20 years of knowledge packed in her holster and she “ain’got no time” for doing things the hard way. Streamlining is the only way. have been enameling for several years now and learned tip in the first five minutes of Dawn’class, followed by several more over the course of the day. I’not sure that “Highly Recommended” is even in the ballpark of accolades would use to label Dawn’teaching style and knowledge base. All can do is reiterate, RUN, don’walk, and sign up for any and all of her classes!

Signed, one happy student!
Michele Norton

“I wanted to thank you for the class two weeks ago—I had a wonderful day. I’ve been learning enameling from books and it was awesome to have someone to ask all my questions to! Not only do I feel more knowledgeable, I feel more confident in what I’ve been doing. I’ve taken a lot of workshops over the years, and the combination of your artistry, expertise, and actual enthusiasm for teaching are an unusual combination—I hope to have an opportunity to take another class with you.”

Amy G.

“Thank you Dawn! Really great class. I’ll be back for more.”


“Thank you – I learned a TON and it was FUN!”


“I truly can’t think of anything I would have wanted to be different. At the end of the three days, the people who had never done this before were doing pieces as fun and interesting as the more experienced people. You offered a variety of techniques worth trying, very clearly presented, and you didn’t pressure us to try every single one in three days. You were way more connected with your individual students than many teachers I’ve seen – your voice was always positive: “I never thought of that!” “Oh, I see, that [whatever happened]. Here’s what you might want to do.” Encouraging and excited about what you had to share. I think that positivity made everyone at ease and helped us find the place where we could do our best.”

Again, thank you.